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Hey there!

While still in high school, I founded Libero Labs (www.liberolabs.com), a mobile app and web development startup. I have been developing interactive web and mobile software for my Libero Labs clientele, employers and myself for over 5 years. In that time I have created numerous dynamic web apps, including a promotional website for an independent film and several real estate listings web applications. I have also crafted several mobile apps for iOS and Android, including two physics-based puzzle games and major components of the BigRoad (www.bigroad.com) application, downloaded and loved by over 100 000 users.

I also thrive academically as a third year student in the Honours Bachelor of Computer Science Co-op program at the University of Waterloo. I currently maintain the highest possible GPA of 4.0, and have had the top mark in the school for several courses, including 100% in Data Structures, 100% in Logic and Computation, 100% in Microeconomics, and 99% in Probability. Other notable final grades include being in the top 3 marks in the school for Object-Oriented Software Development (98%), and top 10 for Foundations of Sequential Programs (95%).

Understanding that academic theory is only one piece of the career puzzle, I pride myself on my ability to juggle school and work. I spend much of my spare time working on personal or Libero Labs projects, including DashTask (www.dashtask.ca) which launched in Waterloo in September of 2015. Furthermore, I was nominated for the Co-op Student of the Year Award in 2013, and hold a letter of recommendation from Dan Collens, CTO of BigRoad, attesting that, “…many software professionals never achieve either [my] breadth of perspective or fluency with so many technologies in their entire careers.”

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